So, I don’t really know why you decided to check out the information about me, but you're reading this now, and since inquiring minds want to know... I will humor you.

As of the time I am editing this portion of my web spaces, I am 27 years old, live in a town in the San Francisco Bay Area, commute weekly to Seattle (it's been over two and a half years), and have absolutely no semblance of a life whatsoever. I am a mostly caucasian mutt. I have dirty blond hair, stand about 6' 2" to 6' 3", and about average build, and if you want to know any more about what I looked like, you will have to contact me via email and try to persuade me to send you a picture (it shouldn't be too hard).

I work for a company called Security by Design, which is a security consulting firm.  SBD has several Fortune 500 companies as clients. We do things like specify CCTV hardware, do design work on badging stations, design control rooms, as well as provide drawings and details for access control systems (card reader doors etc.).  SBD does do other things pertaining to security, however I currently do not participate in the other activities.

I have many hobbies, however over the last two years I’ve not had a chance to exercise those hobbies. I don’t know if you would really consider these hobbies, they’re more like leisure activities, but I guess that’s what hobbies are.  I enjoy gardening, especially "water gardening" – which I interpret to be gardening in and around a pond. The presence water, especially flowing water, in the garden has an incredibly soothing effect on me.  Another hobby, the most dangerous hobby, has to do with computers.  Yes, I am a techno-geek.  I am constantly in a quest for bigger, better, faster, and other stuff on the cutting edge of computing.   For instance, I had a DVD-ROM drive in my computer a three years ago, and I had 50 feet of co-ax cables running between my computer and the TV.   I like to play around with some of the newer "stuff", I've used a couple of different voice recognition software packages, one of which I have used on this page (none of them are really good yet).   I currently have an ADSL connection to the internet which I have proxied to all the computers on my home network (only 4 computers currently), I get dowloads equivalent to a T1 connection (1.5 Mbps or 1500Kbps), uploads are at about 128 Kbps, still about 4x faster than an analog modem.  The biggest downside to this particular hobby, computers, is that in this quest, it seems that I always have at least one of my computers down, however, I do have more than one computer, and all is not lost because I always try to keep at least one up and running (I've actually had all my computers up and running now for practically a year!, that is the longest I've ever had any of my computers up and running).  I do, however have this terrible habit whenever one of my computers is not reacting as well as I would like it to:  typing those formidable words: "FORMAT C:", however, I generally come out better off... although one time when I did it none of the computers on my peer-to-peer network communicate with each other, and it was at that time I decided to just install a server.   So yes, I have a home network with server and all, to me it makes more sense to share printers and drives over a network rather than stuffing all the equipment you can into each and every machine, besides, with what I want, that's impossible.

The other hobby I have is sort of related to computing, and that is electronics. My job had been doing a lot of electronic designs, at first I didn’t understand what I was drawing, however, being the curious person that I am, I learned very quickly the what’s and why’s of what I was being asked to draw.   After seeing what was being done and how it was being done, I began tinkering with circuits of my own design, not too terribly complex, but enough to impress most people.   My next project along the lines of that hobby is to create a landscape light that fades in and out a various colors.  I think I’ve got it figured out, now just to get the syntax right (I haven't done anything on this for quite some time, but I have most of the parts!).

What kind of things do I like to do.  Other than the hobbies listed above, I like to get out and enjoy nature, particularly hikes in the woods along streams (who doesn’t?), beaches are nice, I just like walking.  When it’s hot I would say that my favorite thing to do is to float, it doesn’t matter if it’s a river or a lake, or even a pool, however rivers and lakes are preferable to pools for floating.  The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is something I enjoy, it just seems like the Renaissance Era was a much simpler time where people knew how to have fun after working hard.

Well, I guess those paragraphs should have been on my hobbies page, but isn’t, and I really couldn’t care less, besides... I don't even have a hobbies page, so there!  Let’s see, I covered my physical appearance, where I work, and my hobbies.   So, if I did this right, you should know no more about me than when you clicked over to this page.